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Mould Removal and Remediation Services

Mould RemediationElimation Methods & Importance
Mould is always a very serious concern when porous building materials are not dried quickly and properly after being exposed to water damage. If left untreated mould can develop within 72 hours. This can be hazardous to one's health.

Why it is necessary?
Mould clean up is necessary to prevent health problems from occurring and worsening. Moulds are considered as allergens and by performing mould mitigation activities, you are are actually decreasing the chances taht anyone in your household may contact asthma, rhinitis, allergic skin reactions and diificulty breathing. In cases when there are already family members with such medical conditions, further worsening of their symptoms will be prevented.

Mould Remediation3G Environmental strictly follows and endorses IICRC Guidelines while performing mould abatement services.

3G Environmental can provide innovative ways to perform all levels of abatement procedures.

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3G Group objective is to ensure no presence of Mould - either air bourne or visible exisits once we cmplete the mould remediation process. For this process, we use many different types of equipment such as media blasting, air scrubbers and negative air machines, thermal cameras and more. We use 100% eco-friendly products that are safe for the environment and your home!

3G Environmental has experience in remediation projects of Grow Op/Attic Mould and Vermiculate Removal.

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Smoke/Fire Mould and Asbestos Removal and Repairs / Air Quality Testing
Fire and Smoke Damage Repair

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